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Princess Parties

Party with a Princess on your Birthday this year! 

All of our Princess parties follow this magical format!

All you need to do is choose your favourite Princess! 
*Activities may vary with each Princess

Grand Entrance

The princess of your choice will make a royal entrance to the party! Have your camera ready to capture your child’s reaction when they first see their princess!


Our princess will gather the children for an interactive story as she recounts her adventures and experiences!

Princess Training

Your child will learn how to walk, talk and act like a princess. Who better to show them than the princess herself! 


Age-appropriate games– hide and seek, red light green light, musical statues/bumps and many others!

Birthday Ceremony

We wrap up the party by having our princess lead the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting!

Photo Opportunities

Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures! Our characters will be available for any and all photos right after the cake cutting.

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